About Harrogate Brewing Co.

Here at Harrogate Brewery we’re committed to traditional, classic brewing, creating some of the finest craft ales across the whole of Yorkshire. We strive to produce hearty northern ales to bring joy on the sunniest of days and to soothe your soul on the darkest of nights. Nothing beats our tasty Harlow Blonde with some pie and mash, or our cheeky Plum Porter with a comforting stew.


As a Yorkshire family born and bred, we represent hard work, integrity and welcoming northern charm. The brewery came into our hands early 2020, a challenging time for all those in business. But with the amazing welcome received from the brewing community, along with the help and encouragement from the previous owner, we’ve already started to build on the original success. The same award-winning recipes with a few new ones along the way.


more info: https://harrogatebrewery.co.uk/


Email Toby@melgersdranken.nl voor de prijslijst